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All appliances regardless of how well kept they are need at some point service and repair. And gas grills are no exception to this rule.

Our grill repair service crew is highly qualified and experienced to provide you a solution for a grill in need of repair. We are able to repair almost any gas grill provided we have the right replacement parts and can rely on the time and the weather conditions to do the job safely.

You must be aware that repairing a gas-appliance is a very serious job. If you hire the wrong people you may find out the hard way that you don’t take chances with gas grill repairs.

Actually, in the State of Florida, you need a gas license and full liability insurance to legally perform gas grill repairs. Furthermore, it is considered a third degree felony to perform any kind of work on a gas grill without proper licensing and insurance. So be aware and make a safe choice by hiring gas licensed service providers for jobs like grill cleaning and grill repair. Needless to say we are gas licensed and insured to provide this service.

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