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Don’t neglect your BBQ gas grill. It is amazing how many people keep their toilets cleaner than their own gas grill. I am sorry if you take an offense with this gross comparison, but it is very close to the truth.

One of the most popular service requests, we get at The Grill Doctor, is our full-blown deep cleaning. Well, cleaning is a very vague term when it comes down to deep-cleaning a bbq grill that has not been cleaned in a long time.

To start with, all outdoor appliances are exposed to the elements and all kinds of critters particularly in open areas. It is not uncommon to get a grill cleaning request because someone at home saw an “animal” coming in or out of the grill. Fortunately, someone saw that happening that’s why the grill it’s going to get cleaned out. But, you don’t have to wait until that happens to have your grill thoroughly cleaned.

Actually, all grill manufacturers recommend in the owner’s manual to clean the grill periodically and clean it thoroughly at least twice a year.

Our deep cleaning job consists of:

  1. Grill assessment to determine the nature of the job.
  2. Complete disassemble of all the removable parts of the bbq grill e.g. cooking grates, warming rack, heat plates, ceramic briquettes or rods, burners, hood, cook-box, grease trays and so on.
  3. Thorough cleaning, grease and surface rust removal, and polishing of the major grill components.
  4. Reassemble and testing of the barbecue grill.

The length of the whole process depends on : grill size, how old the grill is, type of gas connection, condition of the grill, and where it is located.

The grill cleaning job is more of restoration job than cleaning per-say. Oftentimes we have to deal with a grill that has not been serviced or cleaned in years, and it does take time to remove all the grease and grime that is soiled and caked on the grill. However, at the end of the day, you will feel the difference of grilling your food on a sanitized and clean grill, let aside extending the life of it.

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